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Terms & Conditions  

Our oath to protect:

Maaztr Design Studio is a Faith Oriented design agency. We are always bound with certain principles and guidelines to protect the values of nature, women, children, our clients and employees alike. While we support the ideas, beliefs and principles of our clients, we also support our designers’ principles and we can never put them on a task that may put their principles at stake.

Designs we can NOT do under any circumstances that include:
  1. Any type of sexually explicit content

  2. Ethnically or racially offensive

  3. Political Driven

  4. Promotion of Alcoholic products, brands and usage

  5. Any religious content whether positive, negative or neutral

  6. Promotion of any culture or activities that goes against our core values


We will provide you with 2-3 drafts in sequence for each design request. That is, if the first draft does not suit you, you can request another draft and so on, up to a maximum of 2-3 drafts. These drafts are not part of the iterations or revisions. Once the draft is finalized, the process of iterations and revisions will begin. 

We provide limited modifications to make the process simple and fair for both sides. We think that when an idea has been finalized, a design should not require more than 5,6 rounds of iteration. Minor changes will have no effect on the amount of iterations remaining.

Please keep in mind that revisions are not the same as drafts. A revision incorporates modifications to the notion while keeping the concept the same. Any modification that alters the design idea is considered a new draft rather than a revision.


Each new draft takes 5-7 days to complete and deliver to you. Iterations will commence after the draft is completed. Depending on the complexity, each cycle will take at least 24 hours to complete. Once the design has been finalized with all iterations, the final files will be mailed to you in 2,3 days.



Following the signing of the proposal, an amount equal to 25% of the bill shall be paid as an advance payment for the project, which is subject to a 100% return. Once you have confirmed the draft/concept, you must pay an extra 35% of the bill to proceed with the project. If you do not do so, your project will be put on hold until the payment is received. The remaining 40% of the bill should be paid prior to the release of final files and ownership.

Please keep in mind that stock photos, licensed fonts, and graphics will be charged individually and are not included in the scope of any project.

Refund & Cancellation:

Each project is eligible for a full refund up to a certain point in the project's development. If, after reviewing all of the drafts/concepts submitted, you believe we are not the appropriate fit for the task, you have the opportunity to terminate the project and receive a full refund.

There will be no reimbursement provided to you once you have accepted a draft/concept and gone on to the next level of revisions. The idea behind providing these drafts to you is for you to evaluate our talents for this task.

Failure to pay at any point may cause your project to be put on hold, and the project will be cancelled once the hold period surpasses 30 days.

You will no longer be able to use any drafts, screenshots, or files that have been submitted to you after the project has been terminated. This is a punishable offence.

A clear and understood message is always preferable than a misinterpreted outcome.

- Maaz Mujahid

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